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Teen / Adult Driving Lessons

Note to Teens!

Obtaining a driver license can be filled with anxieties and be very overwhelming; RELAX

You are not alone. Many people have and many people will experience this journey. Learning to drive is not difficult, BUT it does require commitment.

Just remember...

  1. Everyone learns at a different pace
  2. Stay encouraged
  3. The more often you drive the quicker you learn
  4. There is no such thing as a perfect driver but practice will make you a better and more responsible driver!

Absolute Driving School will do everything to the make the behind the wheel course a safe, positive, and enjoyable experience!

Requirements for Adults:

  1. You must have a valid Virginia driver's permit before taking driving lessons
  2. Each lesson is 50 minutes long
  3. Trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the road test are available, but only if the instructor feels the student is ready and confident (must have held a valid Virginia driver's permit for at least 30 days)*

*Absolute Driving School does not guarantee that you, the student, will receive your license when taking the road test at the Department of Motor Vehicles.